Boneless Chicken (Loyalty)


Boneless Chicken: Choose from our variety of flavors and enjoy the tender and juicy boneless chicken pieces, coated with our signature batter and fried to crispy perfection. Whether you like it hot, sweet, savory or cheesy, we have something for you.

Just for our loyalty customers – Choose any combination of flavors you want! Enter your selection of flavors in the box below. You can have any combination of these flavors:

Super Spicy | Korean Season Mild | Fried | Soy Garlic | Soy Honey | Cheddar Cheese | Honey Cheese | Teriyaki | Tangie Orange

Just let us know what share of each you would like i.e. 50% Soy Honey 25% Super Spicy 25% Honey Cheese

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- Super Spicy: For the brave and adventurous, try our super spicy boneless chicken, seasoned with a fiery blend of chili peppers and spices. This flavor will make your mouth water and your tongue tingle. Can you handle the heat?
Note: This is our default spice level - Not our SpicyChallenge.

- Korean Season Mild: If you prefer a milder taste, go for our Korean season mild boneless chicken, flavored with a balanced mix of soy sauce, garlic, ginger and sesame oil. This flavor is mild but not bland, with a hint of sweetness.

- Fried: For the classic and simple, opt for our fried boneless chicken, marinated and seasoned just the way you like it. This flavor lets you enjoy the natural taste and texture of the chicken, with a satisfying crunch.

- Soy Garlic: For the sweet and savory, choose our soy garlic boneless chicken, glazed with a rich and sticky sauce made from soy sauce, garlic, honey and vinegar. This flavor is sweet, tangy and garlicky, with a glossy shine.

- Soy Honey: For the sweet and sticky, pick our soy honey boneless chicken, coated with a thick and sweet sauce made from soy sauce, honey, brown sugar and lemon juice. This flavor is sweet and caramelized, with a chewy and crunchy texture.

- Cheddar Cheese: For the cheesy of us, try our cheddar cheese boneless chicken. This flavor is sweet, salty and cheesy, with a crunchy texture.

- Honey Cheese: For the sweet and cheesy, go for our honey cheese boneless chicken. This flavor is sweet, salty and cheesy, with a crunchy texture.

- Teriyaki: For the sweet and tangy, choose our teriyaki boneless chicken, covered with a thick and glossy sauce made from soy sauce, mirin, sugar and ginger. This flavor is sweet, sour and gingery, with a shiny appearance.

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